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As a small business owner married to an entrepreneur and providing bookkeeping support to small business owners, I was inspired to put together this gift guide full of ideas for the special small business owner in your life.


Giving a personalized gift (whether it's for their birthday, Christmas, or just-because) to someone who owns a small business shows that you care about what they care (so much) about!

I've broken this into several sections. Feel free to scan through or click to jump to the one that interests you most: 

Conversation-starting Gifts

Virtual Calls Branding

Just for Fun

Time Savers

Virtual Office Upgrades

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Conversation-starting Gifts

Mask with Logo
1. Branded Face Mask

My husband and I have simple branded face masks that catch attention when out-and-about or in the grocery store line.

Custom Vinyl Decal
2. Custom Car Decal

The vinyl decal could be applied to a lot of various surfaces, but adding a decal to a car is surprisingly cost-effective and easy. 

License Plate with Logo
3. Branded Vanity License Plate

For those states that don't require a front-license plate, what better way is there to use the empty space?

Hooded T-Shirt with Logo
4. Custom T-Shirt

So many options here: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, etc. 

Laser Printed Business Cards
5. Laser Printed Metal Business Cards

What a fun conversation piece that they likely wouldn't know about as an option!

Logo Engraved Mug
6. Logo Engraved Mug

A favorite for sure! And so eye-catching if they're drinking coffee or tea while on a video call.

Sign with Business Logo
7. Business Logo Sign

This would be a great gift for someone who already has it all - a beautiful sign that could serve as classy branding for their video calls. 

Logo Embossed Cookies
8. Logo Embossed Cookies

Branded cookies will wow them and make them feel like they've made it big! This has the perk of being something they can share with their clients, too. 

Branded Ornament
9. Branded Ornament

I received a logo ornament as a Christmas gift this year and was touched at the thoughtfulness of the gifter. 

Theory Print Logo
10. Custom Design

I learned about Theory Print from a client and wow, they make my life easier! They print probably any of the items listed above, and they offer a very reasonable fee to beautifully design for you. Let the experts work their magic!

Upwork Logo
11. Talent through Upwork

Upwork is the world's largest remote talent platform and a great place to hire short-term, project-based talent.

For your entrepreneur, I recommend looking at experts in Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Search Engine Optimization, or Social Media Marketing.

Fiverr Logo
12. Freelancers through Fiverr

As shares, "Upwork is more suited to larger projects and work that requires specialist knowledge. On the other hand, Fiverr is a platform where you can outsource, small, quick and easy jobs on a very low budget."

Budraitis Books Logo
13. Bookkeeping

Shameless plug time! Failed entrepreneurs often blame financial mismanagement for their collapse and most view their bookkeeping as a time-consuming pain-point. Giving the gift of bookkeeping can help set them up for success!

Lighting Option for Video Calls
14. Optimal Lighting for Video Calls

Better lighting will give any webcam better results. These can easily vary brightness and color temperature to match the lighting in the room.

Ultra High-Definition Webcam
15. Ultra High-Definition Webcam

This webcam is the highest resolution available and works with windows hello for faster face unlock.

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Virtual Calls Branding

Just for Fun

Time Savers

Virtual Office Upgrades

About the Author

Hi! I'm Heidi, a bookkeeper specializing in QuickBooks Online and passionate about small businesses and supporting their owners.

My husband and I both own separate small businesses, but with any free time I enjoy snuggling my cat, "Kitty", experimental baking, or hiking with close friends. 

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